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Journal Environmental Justice offers articles in recognition of Earth Day
By Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2018-04-25

Environmental Justice is proud to recognize Earth Day with complimentary access to a selection of our top papers making an impact in the equitable treatment of all people, especially minority and low-income populations, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Make sure to request a subscription through your library to access all published issues.

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The Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis: A Case Study in Regulatory Failure and Environmental Injustice
Lindsey J. Butler, Madeleine K. Scammell, Eugene B. Benson Read Now

Quests for Justice and Mechanisms of Suppression in Flint, Michigan
Rebecca L. Rutt, Jevgeniy Bluwstein Read Now

Climate Refugees and the Human Cost of Global Climate Change
DeMond S. Miller Read Now

Use of Photovoice to Highlight Environmental Justice Issues: The Power of Photography in Buzzard Point, Washington, DC
Aaron Aber, Nikki Waxman, Anam Khatib, Ashley Bamfo, Derefaka Simon-Ogan, Sacoby Wilson Read Now

Implementing a Partial Buyout of an Environmental Justice Community
Joshua Ozymy, Melissa Jarrell Read Now

A Citizen Science and Government Collaboration: Developing Tools to Facilitate Community Air Monitoring
Amanda Kaufman, Ron Williams, Timothy Barzyk, Molly Greenberg, Marie O'Shea, Patricia Sheridan, Anhthu Hoang, Christine Ash, Avraham Teitz, Mustafa Mustafa, Sam Garvey Read Now

Environmental Data Justice and the Trump Administration: Reflections from the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative
Lindsey Dillon, Dawn Walker, Nicholas Shapiro, Vivian Underhill, Megan Martenyi, Sara Wylie, Rebecca Lave, Michelle Murphy, Phil Brown, Environmental Data and Governance Initiative Read Now



Image: © Artem Bali from Pexels