The Institute
The Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) is a virtual academic think tank. It was legally founded by registration on April 4, 2014 in Germany’s capital of Berlin in order to provide an international platform for academic exchange between students, young research fellows, and experienced scientists in the field of environmental justice research. On January 1, 2015, the institute's virtual representation was launched, introduced by the following video:

In March 2016, the EJI received a larger funding to establish a business case for eLearning courses across associated universities in the field of environmental justice. Together with our associated academics a first pilot of this idea will start as early as April 2016 with a seminar on "Climate Change and Climate Justice" hosted by the "Freie Universität Berlin and in association with the University of British Columbia and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
In the future, the institute seeks to offer its services to governmental bodies and private research facilities as well as educational organizations like high schools and evening classes. Additionally, the EJI seeks to consult companies and governmental organizations to enhance a more environmentally just performance in their policies and actions.

The Centre for Environmental Justice Research was established, which - through our network of experts from all over the world - assists researchers to find helpful contacts in the region where they seek to conduct their research.

The EJI considers itself as a network to establish and foster environmental justice research. Herewith, it is walked by the idea that the concept of environmental justice is needed to find sustainable solutions for the environmental problems mankind faces today and will face in the future.


The institute has defined three (3) main goals:

1) Providing contact for academics of all levels regarding environmental justice research.

2) Consultancy, advice, and training for individuals, institutions, and companies alike regarding environmental justice matters.

3) Strengthening eLearning as a tool for environmental learning and education.

4) Financial support for young research fellows / students in order to promote and enlarge environmental justice research.

In order to fulfil these goals, the institute provides a list of contact persons sorted by region and field of research.

In addition, the institute draws on accepted experts of the field from all over the world. We publish recent news with reference to environmental justice in the news section and the news archive we offer a platform for researchers to present their current (and past) projects.

The EJI provides training services in the field of environmental justice with help its international network. As a virtual institute the EJI offers virtual classroom training as well as flipped classroom seminars to educational institutions.

Last but not least, the Centre for Environmental Justice Research supports grant applications and seeks to advertise small scale funding for students to realize their studies independently from the area of study (be it either social sciences or nature sciences).