Research Stay at Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2015/2016

The following projects have been successfully initiated during the research stay

Partners at local (non chronological)

Through meetings with the following researchers, the possibility of collaborations and the exchange of research interests / findings have taken place.

1) Prof. Dr. Noam Levin

Noam is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and heads the Remote Sensing Lab. His main areas of interest are in landscape changes, environmental geography, conservation planning and Aeolian geomorphology, and he studies them using remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). He specializes in applying modern spatial analysis to understand the effects of climate change and changes in human land uses on our ecosystems at various scales.

Joint initiatives / activities:

- Presenting of the CC-VISAGES project at the 56th Annual Conference of the Israeli Geographical Association (December 13-14, 2015) at Mount Skope Campus.

2) Prof. Dr. Daniel Felsenstein

Daniel is professor in the Department of Geography, Director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies and Academic Director of the Center for Computational Geography. His main areas of interest are in economic geography, regional science and spatial econometrics. He specializes in local and regional economic development and urban/regional impact analyses.

Joint initiatives / activities:

- Presenting of the University Alliance and the CC-VISAGES project (abbreviated) at the faculty meeting of physical geography. Here, six (6) other international and faculty based researches have been presented in a time scale of 5-10 minutes. Michael (see below) also presented and many students from the department participated.

3) Prof. Dr. Michael Batty

Michael is Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London where he is Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA). He was the key note speaker at the 56th Annual Conference of the Israeli Geographical Association.

He has been working with the COMPON (see the connection to David Tindall from UBC here) representatives in Sao Paulo (Eduardo)
in a different setting.

Joint initiative:

- Due to the overlap and mutual interest in social scientific usage of GIS, we decided to exchange contact details for further discussion.

4) Prof. Dr. Itay Fischhendler
Itay Fischhendler & Götz Kaufmann

Prof. Itay Fischhendler research interests focus on environmental conflict resolution; natural resources management and governance and decision making under conditions of political and environmental uncertainties. He is a leading scholar on transboundary water institutions and Middle East water issues.

He has been teaching an environmental justice course at Hebrew University.

Joint initiative:

a) Professor Jale Tosun from Uni Heidelberg comes to HUJ to teach on Environmental Policy a block course 13th of June to 22nd of June (multiple question exam on 21st of June) - please find the brochure here. The idea is to allow students from FU to join it by applying for funding of the University Alliance.

b) Professor Itay Fischhendler could come for a block seminar in the first week of October 2016 teaching whater policy and water security in a compact course. This would allow for an invitation of students from UBC and HUJ to the FU. Open issue: the teaching mobility of Erasmus (deadline January 14, 2016) just covers the travel expenses, so about 2000 EUR are missing.


a) FFU can fill the financial gap: speaking with Miranda after her lecture at HUJ (30th of December at 10.30 am room?)

b) Additional compensation by the Institute for Judaistic at FU Berlin (Friedrich Meinecke Institute); contact persons: Dr. Klaus Herrmann (Mail) and Prof. Dr. Giulio Busi (Mail) or Dr. Behrooz Abdolvand (Mail); alternatively Dr. Behrooz Abdolvand from Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science might be an opportunity too.