Interns with the Institute
Current Interns
Alexia Jazmín Soto Ochoa
BA student

Research Paper
Alexia Jazmín Soto Ochoa is currently studying Law at the University of Guadalajara (México) specializing in corporate law. She has been developing a thesis on defending the territory addressing the dispossession conflict brought by "El Zapotillo's" dam construction in Jalisco, México and it's currently in the pre-production of a documentary about the subject. Her work concentrate in the de-penalization and legalization of abortion in Meacute;xico and the working on cases of crimes of forced disappearance. She is interested in studying gender violence in the judicial system and socio-environmental conflicts.
Former Intern
Marie Courtais (Intern 2017/18)
MA student

Research Paper
Marie Courtais is a postgraduate student in "International Development Studies - Sustainability, innovation, participation" dispensed by the Department of Geography at the University of Grenoble-Alpes (France). Firstly graduate of a bachelor in Communication studies at the University of Social Science in Toulouse (France) in 2015, she started a master degree with the specialty of Media studies and sociology as an exchange program at the University of Bergen (Norway). Passionate by social and environmental issues, she accomplished several volunteering actions for festivals, organizations, and events related to culture, society and climate change. Following this first year of master in Norway, and in the purpose to cross over social science disciplines, she left for seven months in South America as a "self-taught experience", in which the goal was to learn more about ecological and social transition movements through the involvement in several projects as a volunteer.
Back from this experience in 2017, she seized the opportunity and integrated the one-year program of International Development Studies offered by the University of Grenoble in September 2017. At the present time, she found in the Environmental Justice Institute a compromise between the social and environmental concerns she has and applied for a research internship that will, in tandem with the redaction of her thesis, gives the necessary credits to validate her master degree in September 2018.
Robert Clinton (Intern in 2015)
BA student
Preliminary Research Design
Robert Clinton is in his final year of bachelor study at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where he is concentrating in the sociology and politics of urban agriculture. He is also pursuing a minor through the Polytechnic School of Engineering is Sustainable Urban Environments, and has completed courses examining the relationship between the built and natural environment, especially in metropolitan areas. A Gallatin Global Fellow in Urban Practice, Robert is spending the summer in Berlin studying the relationship between culture and environmentalism. Past research includes studying the link between community gardens and gentrification, analysis of population and demographic change in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and fieldwork on rural farms in Accra, Ghana. Additionally, Robert has received funding to build and install a hydroponic garden at the NYU campus in New York.
Currently, he is doing an internship at the Environmental Justice Institute in Berlin whilst conducting a research on urban greening and the participation in it by German people with migration background.