Members of the Institute
Administrative Staff
Dr. Götz Kaufmann
Managing Director
Götz Kaufmann graduated in political science and did his doctoral degree in environmental sociology.
He has held professional research posts in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Canada dealing in areas such as globalization, political economy, political ecology, environmental justice, sustainable development, and climate change. His overall field of expertise is methods.
He is the founder of the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI). He also volunteers as adjunct lay judge at Amtsgericht Berlin (elected from 2014-2018).
Guido Blattmann
Assistant to the Managing Director
Guido holds a degree in business administration and fulfilled a MBA degree in supply chain management.
He has worked for many years in the internet industry where he has founded and helped to grow several successful startup companies. His current interests are Digital Transformation, Information Technology and Webdevelopment. Guido supports the Environmental Justice Institute as a member of staff with focus on E-Learning and organizational development. Besides his professional life he contributes to the preservation of Schloss Hohenlandin in the Uckermark and volunteers in educational programs for children in Brasil.
Christoph Eisinger
Web Administrator
Christoph Eisinger graduated 2009 in Mathematics. After that, he worked for many years as a scientific assistant for the Stochastics Group at Saarland University.

He is currently working as a web developer and administers the web presence of the Environmental Justice Institute.

Furthermore, he wrote about 100 songs for several bands, and his first novel 'Der Weg zum Himmel'. The novel was released in 2007.
Oyeyinka Oyelowo
Media Producer
Oyeyinka Oyelowo holds a Bachelor of Honours in Journalism from Carleton University. Since many years, she professionally works in the field of content production and communications offering valuable experience in raising public awareness about environmental justice initiatives. Due to years of professional work in the field of journalism in Canada, she has built strong relationships with industry partners and key media contacts there. At the start of the CC-VISAGES-project in Montreal / Canada in March 2013, the contact to the initiative of the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) was established. In November 2014 she has worked for the institute in producing the first video for the EJI’s official YouTube channel.