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By Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2018-01-12
The journal Environmental Justice (jEJ) is one of the most relevant pioneers in the field of Environmental Justice Research. The peer-review journal is published bimonthly, covering the impacts and environmental burdens that affect marginalized populations all over the world. Interdisciplinary reports on communities, industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations are considered in its editions including human health and the environment, natural science, technology, land use and urban planning, public and environmental policy, environmental history, legal history as it pertains to environmental justice, environmental sociology, anthropology of environmental, health disparities, and grassroots activities.

The jEJ is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Sylvia Hood Washington, PhD, MSE, MPH, and senior Editor Kenneth Olden, PhD, ScD, LHD, among others.

Access is now available through January 26, 2018 to a selection of articles from previous issues on U.S. children, community air monitoring, environmental data justice, climate refugees, and climate migration:

Predicting Blood-Lead Levels Among U.S. Children at the Census Tract Level
Bradley D. Schultz, Michele Morara, Bruce E. Buxton, Max Weintraub
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A Citizen Science and Government Collaboration: Developing Tools to Facilitate Community Air Monitoring
Amanda Kaufman, Ron Williams, Timothy Barzyk, Molly Greenberg, Marie O'Shea, Patricia Sheridan, Anhthu Hoang, Christine Ash, Avraham Teitz, Mustafa Mustafa, Sam Garvey
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Environmental Data Justice and the Trump Administration: Reflections from the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative
Lindsey Dillon, Dawn Walker, Nicholas Shapiro, Vivian Underhill, Megan Martenyi, Sara Wylie, Rebecca Lave, Michelle Murphy, Phil Brown, Environmental Data and Governance Initiative
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Climate Refugees and the Human Cost of Global Climate Change
DeMond S. Miller
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Toward a Justice Framework for Understanding and Responding to Climate Migration and Displacement
Aaron Saad
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