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The journal Environmental Justice (jEJ) is one of the most relevant pioneers in the field of Environmental Justice Research. The peer-review journal is published bimonthly, covering the impacts and environmental burdens that affect marginalized populations all over the world. Interdisciplinary repports on communities, industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations are considered in its editions including human health and the environment, natural science, technology, land use and urban planning, public and environmental policy, environmental history, legal history as it pertains to environmental justice, environmental sociology, anthropology of environmental, health disparities, and grassroots activities.

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Environmental Justice is the essential peer-reviewed journal that explores the equitable treatment of all people, especially minority and low-income populations, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

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Environmental Justice

Special Issue
Climate Refugees and the Human Cost of Global Climate
Guest edited by DeMond S. Miller, PhD, LCADC

FREE ACCESS through September 18, 2017.
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Guest Editorial
Climate Refugees and the Human Cost of Global Climate Change
DeMond S. Miller  Read Now

Original Articles
Sea-Level Rise and the Marshallese Diaspora
ASeiji Yamada, Maxine Burkett, Gregory G. Maskarinec  Read Now

Toward a Justice Framework for Understanding and Responding to Climate Migration and Displacement
Aaron Saad  Read Now

Emotion, Coping, and Climate Change in Island Nations: Implications for Environmental Justice
Margaret V. du Bray, Amber Wutich, Kelli L. Larson, Dave D. White, Alexandra Brewis  Read Now

Taking Lessons from Refugees in Europe to Prepare for Climate Migrants and Exiles
Sujatha Byravan, Sudhir Chella Rajan  Read Now

The Implications of Local Perceptions, Knowledge, and Adaptive Strategies for Adaptation Planning in Coastal Communities of Zanzibar
Ting Zhang, Salim Bakar  Read Now

Social and Environmental Justice as a Lens to Approach the Distribution of $105 Million of Directed Funding in Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster
Tonya C. Hansel, Howard Osofsky, Eric Baumgartner, Stephen Bradberry, Lisanne Brown, Katherine Kirkland, Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Joy Osofsky, Anthony H. Speier, Bernard D. Goldstein  Read Now



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