Global Climate Change (Call for Participation)
Academic Feedback to the US Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord
By Guido Blattmann, 2017-06-15
The withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord by the United States on June 1, 2017 has echoed in responses in the different branches of society. Leaders and the news media around the world have answered with support and despite to this decision almost immediately.
The project and call for participation proposed here by the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) is to provide a feedback from global academic community. The EJI initiated a project to record and publish virtual feedbacks on youtube will be realized throughout June 2017. The then-produced video will be made available for embedding to university and institute websites that wishes to.

You find a first review of the news coverage and answer to the withdrawal here. Issues being addressed in the interviews to come will cover questions on impact, consequences, and maybe even reasons on the US decision. The video recording will require availability for a skype talk of about 30-60 minutes max.

We call for academics in the field of environmental research from all disciplines to join this project by making contact with Götz Kaufmann.
Image: © stockWERK