E-learning - production of knowledge
E-lecture on climate justice
The Environmental Justice Institute has produced a learning video, a so called e-lecture, as contribution to the global production of knowledge on the topic of climate justice. The idea was to provide a brief and cosistent overview of recent facts on the topic of climate change and to stress the necessity to naturally link climate change discourses to th social question. The video aims furthermore to assist lecturers of classes dealing with climate change. The video might be a useful tool to introduce into the new topic by means of new media.

More e-lectures are going to be provided in the future on various, environmental justice related topics.

E-Lecture "From Climate Change to Climate Justice" by Imeh Ituen

Aired May 4, 2017

nota bene: e-lectures are not to be confused with e-lecturing. E-lecturing describes the series of synchronous, virtual classroom courses (for more information of the different types please click here) hosted by the Environmental Justice Institute whereas e-lectures are short videos to learn in the moment of need.
Image: © alphaspirit