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Environmental Justice in Canada, the US, Germany, and Brazil
By Guido Blattmann, 2017-02-04
The journal Environmental Justice grants free access to the following articles now through February 17, 2017. It is one of the most relevant pioneers in the field of Environmental Justice Research. The peer-review journal is published bimonthly, covering the impacts and environmental burdens that affect marginalized populations all over the world. Interdisciplinary repports on communities, industry, academia, government, and nonprofit organizations are considered in its editions including human health and the environment, natural science, technology, land use and urban planning, public and environmental policy, environmental history, legal history as it pertains to environmental justice, environmental sociology, anthropology of environmental, health disparities, and grassroots activities.

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Sacrifice Along the Energy Continuum: A Call for Energy Justice
Diana Hernández  Read Now

Disparities in the Availability of Farmers Markets in the United States
Chelsea R. Singleton, Bisakha Sen, Olivia Affuso  Read Now

The Climatological Environmental Justice Index—Brazil, Canada, and Germany
Götz Kaufmann, Johanna Seidel, Bastian Stößel  Read Now

Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan: Interview with David Pellow, Ph.D.
Sylvia Hood Washington, David Pellow  Read Now

Open Access  Developing Community-Level Policy and Practice to Reduce Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure
Doug Brugge, Allison P. Patton, Alex Bob, Ellin Reisner, Lydia Lowe, Oliver-John M. Bright, John L. Durant, Jim Newman, Wig Zamore  Read Now

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