Free Environmental Justice Research
Energy and Environmental Justice
By Christoph Hess, 2016-11-23
The concept of energy justice emerged in recent years as a sub-category of environmental justice research. This is about time, since energy projects have been causes of environmental injustices and triggers for environmental movementes around the globe for a long time. The supply and use of energy in different forms – oil, gas, electricity etc. – and for different purposes - industry, domestic use, transportation etc. - is one of the core features of the modern society. The access to energy at different levels is hereby closely linked to social and economic development. However, the benefits and burdens of energy supply are unevenly distributed - severe environmental injustices exist along the energy supply chain worldwide. Moreover, environmental justice has not yet become a concern in energy policy, nor has energy been a major concern of environmental justice research. The latter began to change with the concept of energy justice. According to Fuller and McCauley (2016), this concept comprises access to affordable energy, fuel poverty, and politics of energy infrastructure. As a contribution to the latter, Hess and Ribeiro suggest a methodology of how to access the environmental justice performance of energy projects, based on Environmental Justice Protocols.
They published their findings in an article, which can be freely accessed until December 16, 2016 by clicking here.
Image: © Christoph Hess