Zika and Climate Justice (CfP January 1, 2017)
Call For Papers of the journal Environmental Justice
By Götz Kaufmann, 2016-08-07
The journal Environmental Justice (jEJ) has been referenced at the Environmental Justice Institute's website (Environmental Justice in the Americas and Europe and Three top-read Articles from the Environmental Justice Journal). Sylvia Hood Washington - editor in chief of the journal - has now announced as call for papers dealing with the issue of the Zika virus that spread rapidly to 21 countries and territories in the Americas since May 2015 as Reuters reported referencing the World Health Organization.

The jEJ raises the question of who is most at risk and why, and invites manuscript submissions that explore why those who are most at risk will be members of communities who are already socially, economically, environmentally, and culturally marginalized. The increase in vector-borne diseases like Zika with climate change has been predicted by environmental health and medical researchers for over a decade. "Humanity passed a milestone a few years ago when more than half the population had moved to urban areas, but spending on health care and on basic public health infrastructure, like water pipes and sewers, has not kept pace. Mosquito control has also faltered in recent decades." (read more from this article here)

Zika and its documented relationship to microencephalitis for pregnant women is an important disease to explore in the journal, especially for existing environmental justice communities due to the added generational effect for full participation and equality. The individuals and populations suffering greater environmental health risks have also tended to live in urban areas or rural areas with poor infrastructures and poor public / environmental health policies.

The jEJ consequentially welcomes papers on Zika and Climate Justice that will examine the history and current state of vector-borne disease control tied to race, gender, climate change, housing, planning, engineering infrastructures, public health, community health, and maternal/infant care.

Deadline of submission is January 1, 2017. For questions you are invited to contact Sylvia by email.

You may submit your manuscripts via this website.
Image: © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.