Environmental Justice in Germany
Panel Discussion and Workshop on Environmental Health and Environmental Justice
By Susanne Börner, 2015-11-17
On December 10-11 the Goethe-University Frankfurt will host a panel discussion as well as 1-day workshop on environmental health and environmental justice. The panel discussion and the workshop will address issues such as the distribution of environmental burdens and goods, equal opportunities, vulnerability, participation, and health promotion. Participation is open to researchers/practitioners with an environmental justice focus.
The event is organized by the researchers network "Saisir l'Europe" at the Goethe University Frankfurt, some of whom also form part of the Environmental Justice Institute. Due to the participation of various other members of the Environmental Justice Institute in the event, it will also provide a platform for identifying areas of future collaboration.

To register for the event, please send an email to boerner(at)em.uni-frankfurt.de. Registration for the workshop by December 11th is required since places are limited.

The workshop on December 11th will mainly focus on the access to environmental information as well as participation, and will provide opportunity to discuss issues of environmental justice among participants from academia and practice. Further information on the workshop is available here.

As a kick-off event on December 10th, 2015, an expert panel composed of researchers and practitioners will discuss issues of environmental health inequalities and environmental justice (Goethe-University Frankfurt, Westend Campus, Casino 1.801). The panel discussion will start at 6 pm.
Among others, panellists will discuss the following issues: What is the impact of social status on the distribution of environmental burdens and goods? How can we improve people's opportunities for a better environmental health and create healthy living conditions for everybody? What does this imply for the role of different stakeholders such as policy-makers and civil society?

The invited panellists are:

1) Prof. Dr. Heike Köckler: Professor for "Social Space and Health", Department of Community Health, University of Health Sciences, Bochum, Germany, member and co-founder of the Environmental Justice Institute

2) Wiebke Claussen: Urban planner and moderator, project consultant, (co-) founder of a community protest group to investigate the PCB pollution in the Dortmund Harbor Area.

3) Christiane Bunge: Environmental Protection Agency, Department "Environmental and Health"

The event is organized by the research network "Saisir l'Europe - Europa als Herausforderung" and particularly the nework's research group "Sustainability" at Goethe-University Frankfurt with the kind support of the IFRA.

In the previous version was said that "the event is organized (among others) by of the Environmental Justice Institute with the support of the research network 'Saisir l'Europe' at the Goethe University Frankfurt." This was somehow misleading insofar as it could be interpreted as if the Environmental Justice Institute hosts this event. The contrary is true: the above named research network hosts the event and members from the EJI participate. We apologize for this error. (GK)
Image: © Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main