IV. ISA Forum of Sociology in Porto Alegre
Session "(Critical) Environmental Justice as new research paradigm in sociology"

On April 27, 2019, we launched the call for abstracts through September 30, 2019, for the session "(Critical) Environmental Justice As New Research Paradigm in Sociology" proposed by the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI).

As previously announced, our session was accepted by the RC24 Environment and Society panel in the context of the Fourth Forum of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

The conference titled Challenges of the 21st Century: Democracy, Environment, Inequalities, Intersectionality will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from July 14-18, 2020.

We are delighted to announce that the session "(Critical) Environmental Justice As New Research Paradigm in Sociology" has received a third of all abstracts submitted to the RC24 panel on Environment and Society.

That is a huge success for the field of critical environmental justice research and its positioning in the environmental regime.

Having received nine abstracts, only two of them, despite the good quality and interesting issues addressed, did not fit our proposed session frame and will be transferred to another session. Five of them have been selected for oral paper presentation and two of them for a roundtable discussion.

Topics covered are:

  1. Constructing an Environmental Justice framework for the analysis of Environmental Inequality in France
  2. Cross the fields of Environmental Justice and postcolonialism: heuretics and applications on the field of Investigation in Reunion Island
  3. Disasters and Environmental Justice: A Perspective from Indonasia
  4. Inequality and adaptation to Climate Change in Sao Paulo Macrometropolis: An Environmental Justice Approach
  5. A recognition-based approach to Environmental Justice: Empirical Explorations in Mozambique
  6. Impacts, affects and Environmental Justice: The experience of Rio de janeiro's West Zone residents against the Steel Industry Ternium Brazil
  7. Social justice, ecological inequality and ecologic movements in Marocco

Full papers are planned to be published in the paper series Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development.

All authors will automatically be notified of their acceptance status and presentation type by December 2, 2019.

We look forward to opening up a great theory-driven discussion on environmental justice.

Image: © International Sociological Association